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 Post Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 2:47 am 
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I was thinkinking LOL, when I get knocked out , I can have a dream where I am in a church service, and get a local pastor to give a, very short message, I would like the message to be about what happens when you die in Jesus will and what happens when you die out side of having Jesus as your Lord and saviour, but I have known for some time one should never tell a preacher what to preach on! :-) I can see myself like,walking into a,church service, and sitting down in the front and everybody is ignoring me and only little kids can see me! This week work out great because kids will see me,as a,stranger there,any way! What do you people think?
Seeing I will get knocked out many times.. We can get the opinions of many local.pastors,or just one
So far on board we have a gym where the object of my. Affections will be working out and I will be watching
David Rivera is a martial arts instructor And I think he has been wanting to knock me out for years, lol , I just wanna be put to sleep not go into another dimension ok ,lo
There is a mma training camp on 30 st just south of folwer the instructor is ok with it
The boxer hasn't given me the ok yet, me and the sister had a lovers quarrel sooooo I have to find a new boxer, I am think of trying to get Thurman the current champ at 147
Ted dibiasi jr is ok with the idea. I need to send him a script
The,track and field star is ok with it also,I think he said he was going to be in Orlando area for the next insurance academy in august
Actually I think ted dibiasi jr must be at that academy also
The whole idea is about a middle,aged Guy,me,trying to impress a young woman, Corrine Perez. And she makes me do all these sports , and she keeps changing her mind, and my trainer "ty "-is training to get me in shape and all that,
Two alternate beginnings
One is corrine is just trying to get back at men in general for all the bad things they have done to her, so all the ladies can sound off here! :-)
The next alternate beginning is that she is in a singing competition and afterwards she calls for,a lyft cab ride and there I come in
She pretty much says, victor I can go out with a guy who isn't a baseball player, football player, boxer, mma fighter, martial arts practitioner, track and field participant, and so on into sky diving! :-)
3 alternate endings
(1) I die in the ring, purple cry, corrine,walks away with ty like she never knew me! :-)
Of course some were curious how much life insurance I had, and how much pain meds I had in my possession lol
(2) corrine tells me I look great. Lost,all,the,weight,but she,is lesbian, she walks away with some woman , that I still don't have for a non speaking role, camera fades to black as I, start to cry
(3) corrine says I ask just too old for her, I ask a cradle robbing dirty old man, ty walks,away with her,we need,more jokes on the,old guy, I have some, please,they must,be,original, or mention the,name,of the,comic, or,admit you don't know who said it.
If anyone knows,where,is,a,steeple,chase track, and,field area , that would be, greatly appreciated, it's the one with, the, wall and the pool, yes I will miss,the,wall head first into the,pool,
Thank God the v a hospital is not too far,away!
Food the sky diving, perhaps the plane can fly over the, hospital :p
For the, sky diving....I must be hungry! :-)
When I get knocked out I will be, dreaming I am doing stand up, or,remembering some, funny conversation in my van, but I do want to throw, the, christian view, of what happens, after, death.I was thinking of having some over takers, you heard of the,un...See More
The other 50 % should go to the, actors, if any money gets made here, I don't know, who knows, right? The movies will also be used during a, comedy show I plan to have God willing, at some community center, the people can watch the movie and eat, then the comedians and sinners can perform, lol oh my bad this autocorrect, the singers,lol
I don't wanna travel to do comedy but a, different community center every week Might not be bad
Well let me know Gpd bless you people, this might be a, good investment opportunity for some, I will talk it over with my accountant, how would that look! I may have grey hair like bernie Madoff and lived in new york city like the ponzi king, but that is c where the similarity ends!

so far i have several sites ready to go

screenplay need to be done

not as easy as i thought it would be

anybody ever did any like this?

write or whatever!?

1 Corinthians 9:26 common english bible

So now this is how I run—not without a clear goal in sight. I fight like a boxer in the ring, not like someone who is shadowboxing.

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